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Pan De Coco (Pack of 6 or 12)
Pan De Coco (Pack of 6 or 12)
Pan De Coco (Pack of 6 or 12)

Pan De Coco (Pack of 6 or 12)

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The perfect meryenda aka Pan De Coco is one of our specialties. Classic as classic can be, eating a pan de coco with Coke Sakto after a tiring day will always be a special experience.

Our Pan De Coco is round in shape with eight little holes. These holes are important because they are responsible for letting the coconut aroma out of the bread.

Make sure that you heat it up before serving because the sweetened grated coconut meat inside becomes 3x more delicious when warm!

Our Pan De Coco does not need any palaman. You know what you need? Coke, Pepsi, C2, Tang, 3-in-1 coffee, or whatever drink you have at home. Follow this and you will be in for a good meryenda treat.


Perfect palaman: none

Perfect panulak: Coke, 3-on-1 coffee, Pepsi, C2, Tang, or whatever drink you have at home

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, yeast, salt, milk powder, water, eggs, lard, butter, calcium propionate, coconut, flour, brown sugar

Shelf life: 3 days under room temperature, 5 days if refrigerated

Storage: Keep sealed, toast 3-5 minutes / microwave 15-30 seconds before consumption

Pan De Coco (Pack of 6 or 12)
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