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Do you support local businesses?

When you buy some Tinapay ni Nanay, you are helping us, our bakers and our community.

This is James Fernando btw - bunso ni Nanay.

Local and Homegrown ->

Our sister bakeries - the one started by Nanay in 2003 - are located in the heart of residential barangays in Sta. Mesa, Mandaluyong and San Juan.

When you buy Tinapay ni Nanay, you are not only helping us keep the businesses alive in these trying times but you are also helping our bakers and the communities we are in.

Panaderya.ph was only a dream ->

My personal background is online t-shirt selling.

Although I helped Nanay with groceries and becoming a tindero in one of our branches years ago, I never really got the chance to contribute to our family business.

I always wanted to.

Because of the dire situation faced by small business, we had to think creatively when ECQ was first implemented. Panaderya.ph was born.

Thanks to you guys, we have now served 2,000 customers and have kept all our bakers on board.

Thank you for all the support 💕

- James Fernando

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